Road to Freedom

Road to freedom is the story of a young man from Poland who, at the age of 10, by listening to a clandestine radio broadcast of the inauguration of President John Kennedy in 1961, discovered the meaning of freedom. He decided then, that one day, he would escape from the Communist world to the free world. It took him 14 years of struggling and preparation before the final execution of his plan. The unbelievable trip from Poland through Czechoslovakia, passing through the Iron Curtain and risking his life, to Austria, then to Germany, Belgium, and finally to Paris, France, took him several days. In France, he discovered, that escaping from Communist oppression doesn’t necessarily mean being welcomed by the free world. Surviving almost a year sans papiers (without papers), hunted by the French police and facing the deportation back to Poland, he finally achieves his goal, finding freedom in North America.


Road to freedom, a novel based of the true-life story of the author.


This is his third novel.