Napoleon’s Eagle Prophecy

During the reconstruction of the Ferri family Palazzo Baronale in Santa Caterina dello Ionio, Alfredo and his team found the memoirs of Gregorio Ferri from 1800s. The notebook detailed Jean Durand viscount de Villers commission by Napoleon III to find Tommaso Campanellas Eagle Prophecy written in 1598 in the Dominican Convent of Santa Caterina.

Tommaso Campanella (1568-1639), a world acclaimed philosopher and writer from Stilo, Calabria. He wrote the renown City of the Sun. Prophecies for Pope Urban VIII and French King Louis XIV. The prophecies were fulfilled and Louis XIV was the longest reigning monarch in human history. The Eagle Prophecy was alleged to predict the birth of an Eagle Prince on a Mediterranean Island, who would become a God of War, surpassing every previous military or political leader in the world to establish an empire that would stand for a millennium. Seeing that this prophecy would be a powerful political and religious tool for his campaign, Napoleon Bonaparte sent his brother, Joseph, King of Naples to find it. Josephs expedition was unsuccessful, which eventually lead to the closure or destruction of almost every monastery in Calabria.

Tommaso Campanella prophecies predicted the events from the year 1600 up to 2400 based on his own astrological observation. Even todays political and religious powers interpret his prophecies for their own interests and propaganda. In order to obtain the original manuscripts of the Campanellas works they will use any kinds of means.

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