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General Pulaski


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November 6th, 2009 President Barack Obama conferred the seventh honorary citizenship of the United States of America on General Casimir Pulaski–230 years after his tragic death at the Battle of Savannah.




General Pulaski fought during American Revolutionary War (1772-1783), participating or leading over 50 battles, saving the life of George Washington, became a founding father of the American Cavalry, obtaining from Congress his own legion and finally, joining Washington’s Masonic lodge.


On October 10th 1779 General Pulaski was killed at the Siege of Savannah, Georgia at the age of 34. Despite barely speaking English, Pulaski became a noted military leader eventually an American Hero in a brief two years of campaigning.

Today dozens of towns, counties, highways, bridges, streets, parks, schools, colleges, vessels, and even a parade on 5th Avenue in New York City, as well as a monument near the White House bear his name.




He was born in Poland 1775 as a noblemen and at the age of only 18, led a Polish army during an insurrection against Imperial Russia. Later he was forced into exile to Prussia, Italy, Turkey and France where he met Benjamin Franklin, who recommended he join the American Revolutionary War. Pulaski landed in Boston in 1777, entering to the battlefield the same day.


This book reveals his unknown tragic private life: his family, first military experience, politics, role in kidnaping the Polish king, romance, and also what happened to his fortune, and the tortuous path to having will executed in the US Government. This story is based on the memories of his sister, who lived in a convent in Warsaw, and corresponded with Pulaski over the last 15 years of his life.