About The Author

Alfred Lenarciak

Alfred Lenarciak

At the age of sixty, Alfred Lenarciak decided to retire from a career of investing across the globe  to devote his time to publishing stories based of his life experiences. For the past decade, Alfred has been developing the ancestral estate of his wife in southern Italy. Alfred currently resides in Nassau, Bahamas with his wife Barbara. Their son Max, his wife Kseniya and grandson Laurence, live in Toronto. Besides writing, Alfred enjoys golfing, travelling, and studying history.

On May 30th 2015, Alfred was elevated to Cavaliere Member of the Order of Pope Saint Silvester.

The newly released Gold of Bre-X is his fifth novel; Road to Freedom, Bre-X: Dead Man’s Story, Revenge of Money, and Napoleon’s Eagle Prophecy are already available in over 40 countries worldwide.

Alfred can be contacted via e-mail: alfred@lenarciak.net